(B) Living on the Edge
(B) Living on the Edge
(B) Living on the Edge
(B) Living on the Edge

(B) Living on the Edge

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An original gift idea for a friend or loved one.

An original, oil painting on canvas, signed and varnished.

Size 24" x 20" ( 61 x 51 cm)

The artwork shows a country house which stands on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the sea below.

An atmospheric sky looms above the house as the sun rises in the distance, reflecting on the sea below.  The the waves splash on the rocks, jutting out to sea and the little sandy beach area at the base of the rugged cliffs.

The house has a patio area, leading onto a grassy space, edged in a stone wall. There are bushes edging the pathway and on each side of the wall, growing wild and free.

The cliffs are strong and rugged as they step downwards towards the sea. Grass and foliage growing on the various levels of the rocks, spreading their roots into any space they can find and hold on to.

A large, old tree, leans towards the light, it's branches bare, waiting for the springtime sun to awaken it and bring it back to life.

But still, a little light shines in the house windows, as the family stays warm and cosy inside, safe from the sea as it crashes on the cliffs below, supporting their home and existence

And that is... Living on the Edge!.