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Heading Home SOLD

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A quaint little, original acrylic painting on Canvas, framed in a plain, white frame.

Size 13.25" x 11.25" ( 33.5 x 28.5 cm)

The artwork shows and elderly lady, out in the snow, walking her two little terrier dogs who are wearing cute little blue coats to keep them warm in the cold weather.

The lady walks up a snow covered pathway as she heads home. She is cold and tired, wearing her boots, heavy coat and hat, but also needing a walking stick to help her on her way.

She can see her home at the end of the path. The street light shines on the pathway, glistening off the surrounding snow.

Two large trees stand tall on each side, their branches heavy with snow, sheltering the ground below, where green grass can still grow through.

She can see her garden gate in the distance and the light above her front door, guiding her on her way home as she imagines a nice cup of tea and a biscuit waiting for her.